September 2015

September is a huge energy month mainly because there are two Eclipses lined up that will impact us in ways that will bring changes that can last for up to two years. This energy is positive and could also bring tension as you move through the changes to create what your life needs moving forward …….

September is a 17 / 8 Universal Month     9 + 2015 = 17 / 8

September is always a double up of the year number (2015 = 17 / 8 ) and  also carries the 9 energy of releasing, letting go of anything that is not helping you to move positively forward

The Infinity number 8 carries endless energy to help us move through obstacles and fears that are stopping us from moving forward, it brings an alignment between heaven and earth  ( the above and below ) so we feel connected.  Most of all it is an Empowerment number and helps us to build our strength.

It is important our foundations in life are strong and secure – that’s a big one for us all


Virgo New Moon Solar Partial Eclipse @ 20 degrees  – 13th September

This New Moon has a destined feel about it and triggers the 2 4 8 manifestation code

Why ? 20 degrees = 2    13th day = 4     2015 = 8

New Moons signify new beginnings and this New Moon carries extra energy and power because of the Eclipse and also the planet Pluto makes a positive connection to this New Moon ( Pluto is currently sitting @ 13 degrees and both are in earth signs )

This brings –  Empowerment and Inner power, Emotional balance, Deep support and positivity, Transformation and genius ideas (Pluto @13 degrees)

Set goals and check your planning also update your health and wellbeing ( Virgo)

20 degrees is a big clue for this New Moon – this is an awakening number that is all about harmonious and balanced Relationships and deep feelings

Remember the Sun is also at 20 degrees so it really is the balance between the male and female energy that you are feeling that pulls you back into earthy alignment which makes it easier to build on those relationships and create a stronger foundation

Aries Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse @ 4 degrees 4 minutes- 28th September

The biggest Blood Moon of the year and the final of 4 consecutive “Blood Moon” Eclipses called a “Tetrad”

This Full Moon is huge and you can expect a major and powerful shift that will last for up to a 2 year period of time ( you could be starting to feel the build up to this earlier, even now, so take notice of what is going on for you )

This brings everything that we have been going through since April 2014 to a climax

The numbers show a  feeling of beginnings and endings as 28th  = 10 / 1   September = 9     2015 = 8     1 + 9 + 8 = 18 / 9

So we have the numbers 1 & 9  ( for the date)  and also 4 & 8 ( degrees & minutes and year)

1 & 9 our past and our future are separating – your old life is moving on – its a big letting go of what is not working and if you have already done that then the future is waiting for you to create what you want – sounds easy and really it is ( need a smiley face here ) have you let go of what you don’t need !

4 & 8 give us this feeling that Destiny is playing a part here – personally and globally

Also happening – the Sun in Libra conjuncts ( makes a strong connection) to Mercury in Libra ( which is in retrograde ) this helps to bring balance to how we think and because the mind planet ( Mercury ) is in Retrograde its a bonus – otherwise our mind would not cope with the intense happenings at this time.

Sun and Moon create a T square to Pluto – this brings tension big time if it connects to your natal chart especially. But you will all probably feel it somewhere. Pluto is intense ( Scorpio connection ) The tension comes because it is an achievement square and to get us to move big time we need tension. Lovely really and very useful – I will let you know after the event as it hits exactly on my chart like it really was made for this time.

This T Square with Pluto creates energy that is deep and uncovers anything hidden so it can transform and bring to the surface – it activates 3 signs ( Libra, Aries and Capricorn ) that want to get moving and make changes. I can see this having an effect globally, watch for eruptions of any kind, the underworld, secrets and anything that is not visible as yet. The power of forceful change awaits.

September 17th – ( a triple 8 day ) with 3 Big Planetary happenings – all happening before the big Eclipse on 28th – this opens up the energy for huge change

Mercury in Libra goes Retrograde 17th September – October 9th @ 15 degrees ( this slows and reviews your thinking so you can catch up with what’s going on) beware that this also has an effect on technical instruments like computers, also on plans made as you need to chill with changes that happen – go with the flow more. 15 / 6 degrees brings our need for balance and taking responsibility. Also brings a more spiritual focus to your thing.

– Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces  @ 7 degrees – this expands all physic ability and feelings. With Neptune you can lose all sense of reality so hopefully the earth sign of Jupiter in Virgo balances this. 7 degrees brings deep intuitive insights. ( exact on 17th but building from the New Moon on 13th )

Saturn moves into Sagittarius ( until the end of 2017 ) this is great news as we will all notice the shift of Saturn ( serious teacher of the zodiac) move out of Scorpio. What has been uncovered deep within us will now show up in a more expansive and joyful way. Sagittarius demands the truth be transparent and above the surface. It allows for an opening of more  universal spirituality and religious changes over time.  It is straight to the point and you will know where you stand. Great news for all Sagittarius Star signs.

The main thing about this month is to allow for the changes that want to emerge and create a more positive life for you.  This includes taking time to be grateful for what you have now.

Do your best to get clear on what you want and organised so that life becomes simpler, this will help as the energy builds towards the end of the month.

The energy is opening up to allow for more Spirituality to integrate into your life in a deeper and greater way

Most importantly Love yourself for who you are, then you can share the Love

Love and Blessings

Annette Aughton





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