October 2017

Welcome Everyone,

This newsletter was started back in August around Eclipse time. We were about to experience two powerful Eclipses that would bring in new energy in a dramatic way ( Leo and Aquarius ) and create breakthroughs so that moving forward we can realise and accept we are unique individuals and can still work together. This is work in progress as we move deeper into the Aquarian Age. Slowly we are moving towards finding our heart centred self and discovering we can take responsibility for our actions and learning by finding our place within a new society that allows us to be uniquely ourselves. We have all had our challenges and painful moments as we let go of an old way of being, only to become easier as we allow movement forward by shifting our attitudes and trusting that the universe knows best.

Also in August I attended the 11th Medicine Woman retreat in Taupo which is always a huge shift in each persons energy and an amazing experiencial weekend.

Between the Eclipses my father began his journey to complete his time here on earth and passed away at 90 years of age on August 15th.    ( 1 + 5 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 24 / 6 )

15 /6 the symbol of the Spiritual Magician uplifting others through selfless love.

24/6 love of family and desire to heal through love.

This was an amazing time, to move through his passing with him and to feel so much love.  Words cannot explain how I have shifted from these experiences. His loving energy is with me often.

This newsletter is written for my mother who keeps asking me what the numbers are doing and what is happening in her astrology chart.

Also for many of you wondering where I am at now.

My focus has been on work and completing my First Light Flower Essence Courses. I feel like I am such a slow student that wants to take everything in over and over again, not missing anything. Of course that’s just who I am as study is such an individual journey and I enjoy absorbing information.

My First Light NZ birth Flower Essence is number 9 – Koru – Understanding; concentration and mental discipline. I enjoy receiving the positives of working with this Flower Essence as I see one of my gifts in wanting to assist others to understand more of themselves especially at a soul level.

We each have a birth Flower Essence ( chosen from our date of birth ) that have been created to bring more Joy into our life through working with personality / attitudes that we have chosen to learn and work within this lifetime. As our personality and soul merge through this shift we experience more Joy and connection to our Spiritual self.

I am sure we have all learnt so much this year with all the planetary shifts happening, we can not help but shift into greater awareness.

The numbers for this month of October – a 10 month and an 11 universal month – 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 11

October reflects the number for 2018 = 11  this month we get to experience a glimpse of what 2018 could feel like for us.

The number 11 seems to appear often in our daily life. So we know this is a message from spirit wanting us to take notice and wake up ! To step forward into double new beginnings, relying on your inner voice to take you into the unknown, to learn a new way or start something in a new way.

11 must work with intuition as it is no ordinary  2  (1 + 1 = 2 ) like the 2 it is still working in relationship with everything but on a higher frequency. Energetically aligning to source so you do need to stretch yourself to take the next step. It is all about Trusting and leaving Fear behind.

This month is a step up in energy and so you can expect next year to be the case also.

My mother is born on 29th of October ( 2 + 9 = 11 ) She is aware of this number and we have been working continually with her birth  flower essences for a while now.  Born in early Scorpio, her birth Flower Essence is number 22 – Manuka – Purification; self – regeneration, metamorphosis – to transform.

This is a big experience for someone that thought she didn’t need anything else including essences before she had her stroke. Mum is well on the way and I keep stepping her up and especially after writing this it is clear to see why.

Numbers are everywhere when we want to see them, they are a message from the universe, take notice when they repeat themselves as the number 11 seems to do at certain times.

Everything has a positive and a shadow side. Get your head around the fact this is so and watch your attitude to life as it reflects back to us. For example the number 11 shadow side is indecision, division, incompletion, not being fully in the flow so you don’t move and feel unfulfilled.

The positive is to move into clarity by making a decision that creates movement forward and trust it will then flow as you intuit the next step.

Astrology highlights this month – the Planet Jupiter moved into Scorpio on October 11th and will stay until early November next year. Jupiter takes around 12 years to journey through each of the 12 zodiacal signs – with about a year for each sign. Very soon you will notice a lot more energy being shifted and expanded through the Scorpion drive to transform anything in its way. The Planet Pluto is Scorpios home planet. Jupiter is optimistic and expansive while Pluto is transformative as it shifts us from the dark hidden depths into the light of awareness. This will bring the opportunity to rebuild our foundations into something real and worth while from deep within. Ultimately it brings maturity, acceptance and wisdom gained from living through  these experiences.

 New Moon on 20th October in Libra @ 26 degrees. This is definitely a partnership related New Moon. The desire for balance, cooperation and harmony in relationships ( 20 is an awakening number in relationships and along with the Moon in Libra brings in the Divine Feminine energy of transformation ) What do you want from your relationships that will still allow you to feel independent, liberated and responsible.

This date adds up to a 13 / 4 ( 13 attracts transformation ) and along with 26 / 8 degrees ( natural leader with intuitive abilities ) creates a 4 / 8 destined connection that works for all parties.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on 23rd October and along with the New Moon makes a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio – transforming and healing deep emotional issues around the feminine aspect of ourselves.

After a year of Jupiter being in Libra ( balance, harmony and often being indecisive to move without careful consideration ) the move to Scorpio and with an aspect to the Sun in Scorpio can all of a sudden feel like you want to get moving, get things done and make changes. This is intense energy to want to break free and transform fast however it is really important to think through the changes before acting. There is still a lot of relationship energy around with both the planet Venus and Mars in Libra all month. Explore what you want in your relationships and look deeply to find what will work for you.

The First Light Flower Essences I work with are amazing for keeping attitudes / personality positive and therefore allowing for greater movement forward in life. The more we know and learn about our unique self the greater our connection to source and the more we attract magical, joyous moments into our life.

It is time for me to share more of my knowledge and learning about these essences. Contact me through email – annette@annetteaughton.co.nz  to arrange a time for an essence reading and essence treatment bottle.

We are also in the process of moving house over the next month, once we are settled my news letter will resume and the focus will be on assisting others to understand more about themselves and know more about their purpose in life.

Love and blessings

Annette Aughton















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