May 2015


By now most of you will have moved through the challenges of the last few months. The energy from Eclipses of late March and early April will last for several months more, depending on how they connected to your birth  chart. A portal of energy was released and opened to allow us to see and feel for ourselves an easier way to live life that aligns with our personal values.

We have been shaken up at times to really get us moving and it has not been an easy ride for many.

April (12 / 3) month showed up as an opportunity to learn and bring more clarity around your relationships and partnerships, creating an acceptance for each other. The flexibility to allow each person to find their personal creativity and communicate clearly. The 12 is also known to create a drama from situations that can bring in the feeling like a victim mentality. With Awareness you won’t allow that to happen.

Now we can move forward allowing ourselves to integrate all that we have learnt, feeling empowered through experiences and inspirations that have swept over us. The past has needed to be released so we can keep moving and it is an on going process that gets easier with practice.

The 17 / 8 universal year (2015) most certainly throws a lot at us with the aim to activate that power within you that has been lying dormant for years. The 8 is relentless and will keep pushing until it uncovers and shows you that there are opportunities hidden with in. 8 wants you to find the strength to emerge feeling empowered and ready to accept your destiny.

You will know about this if you have any 8 ‘s in your numbers or you are in an 8 personal year / month.

May ( 13 / 4 ) this month allows us to breakthrough the challenges to receive our rewards

13 / 4 is a number when combined with an 8 (as in 2015 = 17 /8) that creates a destined and fateful month of new beginnings.

– All of May will give you the opportunity to get clear on your ideas and plans for the future – this a foundational month to prepare for the rest of the year.

– Because a 13 /4 number is about creating a plan, putting a strategy in place, a step by step plan and getting serious about where you are headed.

– 13 is an empowerment number that transforms you as you let go, release and then hold your ground over any challenges in your way, follow your instincts as 13 is called the Divine Feminine number so it must also be intuitive.

– 4 is a manifestation number that brings abundance and wealth through the plan you are creating to move forward with.

– All month long the number 13 shows up repeatedly and creates a lot of intensity to help you shift and transform your life – moving you toward your destiny if you are not there already or maybe there is another layer to be uncovered.

The list of 13’s this month – not to be underestimated  and if you have any 13’s and 4’s in your numbers you can expect some destined new beginnings

M is the 13th letter of the Alphabet

– May is a 13 universal month – 2015 + 5 = 13

– The Full Moon on May 4th @ 13 degrees in Scorpio / the number 4 shows up

The New Moon on May 18th @ 26 degrees in Taurus / the number 8 shows up

– Both of these lunar events have the destined 4 / 8 combination, meaning what ever is happening and showing up in your life is linked to your destiny and will change and transform how you move forward

The Planet Mercury (our mind and how we communicate) goes retrograde on May 19th @ 13 degrees for 3 weeks in Gemini (the sign of the mind and communication) until June 11th @ 4 degrees.

– With all these number 13’s / 4’s and especially Mercury in Gemini @ 13 degrees we can expect a review in how we communicate with each other and at the same time Mercury makes a connection to the Moon and Mars in Gemini. Watch for fiery emotional outbursts that will resolve nothing. A transformed way of communicating is recommended.

Mercury Retrograde slows down and reviews our thinking and communicating, this can also affect our plans and computers / internet service.

All 3 planets start with M /13th letter –  allow a new perspective to come through to help you to grow your ideas. This will vary for each person on the timing so just trust that this will happen in its own time.

June – ( 14/5 ) –  Universal Month

14 is the number of making quick decisions, adjusting plans, travel and exploring, people and crowds, communicating your message through any media.

– Full Moon on June 2nd @ 11 degrees in Sagittarius a Big Powerful Intense Full Moon

– The number 2 and 11/2 is about harmonious relating. 11 is a higher vibration of the 2 and expects you to move up a level and often step into the unknown where there are greater rewards.

– This is a positive Full Moon for you to focus on your relationships and partnerships, however the planet Mars does make a connection that will fire up your passions. Mars and the Sun are both in Gemini opposing the Moon in Sagittarius which gives more power to an emotional Full Moon. ( don’t make it a major as this could happen – look at what is possible to improve your relationship/s )

As Mercury is still in Gemini  and in retrograde motion expect your relationships to undergo a review at the same time – this could bring issues to a head that needed to be resolved or looked at in a different way.

 – New Moon on June 16th @ 25 degrees in Gemini – 16 = 7 and 25 = 7 which means this is a New Moon with a spiritual connection that requires some time out and space to be alone. Again Mars makes a connection to the Moon both in Gemini – passionate and fiery

– The number 7 is a spiritual awakening number and accepts that we are spiritual beings needing time to go within and contemplate. Because it is a New Moon in Gemini it requires that the mind rest and recharge.

– We are entering a new phase and the second half of the year which will be quite different to the first half. All this hard work you have put in over many months will begin to be rewarded now.

– Also on this day (16th June) the planet Saturn reverses back into Scorpio until September 19th. This allows for a review and tidy up of any uncovered issues mainly on a Global level. Scorpio will dig down and bring to the surface what wasn’t revealed earlier and it will only stay at 28 and 29 degrees – these are called critical degrees and relate to trust and misplaced trust issues.

It will also challenge those with these degrees in Scorpio in a personal chart and will still come back to a trust issue. Of course if this has been resolved earlier it will be a formality to ride through.

Enjoy the next few weeks as you can expect breakthroughs and results from shifting through the changeable and communicative Gemini energy. Keep an open mind to attract ideas that were not there before and relationships to be healed and/or moved on. It is about aligning with what feels authentic for you, let your heart be your guide.

Love and Many Blessings

Annette Aughton







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