March Eclipses – what’s happening

We have all been working through some seriously intense Eclipse energy which will continue to impact us for at least another 6 months until the next Eclipses in September and beyond. The degree of intensity depends on where you are at in your life right now and also how the Moon aspects your birth chart. This can trigger emotional shifts and changes in your life and may show up in relationships, unconscious thoughts, work or health areas.

On 23rd / 24th March we experienced a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra @ 3 degrees. The Sun also in Aries at 3 degrees.

Full Moons are a time of Illumination, waking us up to see the light, literally of what we have not seen before. Allowing us to look at life and our potential to achieve more.

Nothing stays the same, so trusting that our uncertainty will clear and the best choices made is always a leap of faith.

So when we have a Full Moon that is a partial Lunar Eclipse, the light shines brighter and reflects into areas of darkness that are necessary to uncover what may have been buried deep for a long time. Feelings and emotions that rise to the surface are usually heightened and bring us fully into the present moment so you can release patterns that have been stuck. It is time to liberate ourselves to bring in a feeling of balance, trust and coming from the heart. What feels best for me. The real truth.

The Moon in the sign of Libra is about relating harmoniously with balanced emotions, the love you feel for those around you and 3 degrees wants to see joyful communication happening, socializing and creating opportunities in partnerships.

The Sun in Aries, opposite the Moon,  reflected how we love ourselves as Aries is the first sign and is about the fire within, the “I AM”

This Libra / Aries Eclipse combination, which started back in 2014,  is the last of the Cardinal Axis Eclipses until 2023 / 24. The intensity from these Eclipses over the last two years has greatly impacted these signs along with Cancer and Capricorn.

The Sun entered Aries on 20th March the same day as the Autumn Equinox. The beginning of a New Zodiac Cycle and New Season. This brings in the Fire Energy to assist us with the Clarity we seek so we can be more of who we truly are. A unique and powerful Equinox – Eclipse event.

As we continue to release, let go and move on from the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces on 8th / 9th March, knowing that what ever came up intensified to help us move towards a new path that the Full Moon Eclipse is showing us through balance, inspiration and love.

This is the beginning of  more than we realise. The Journey towards a new way of living – if we allow ourselves to open to the New Energy that carries ever increasing light, which brings opportunity for deeper awareness into who we really are.

Since 2012 Portals of light have been releasing with each Eclipse and sometimes planetary combinations, to allow us to progress towards an easier and loving relationship with ourselves and others. The light will keep increasing and we have the opportunity to move with the energy and step into our personal journey towards an endless spiritual discovery of Love.

There is only Love, Love solves everything. That is where we are heading, the more you resolve with Love the easier life becomes. The Portals of Light are Love filled – so anything that is not about Love shows up intensely as darkness,  we see and hear in the news/ media.

However there is time and it is gradual, some will move quicker than others. This depends on where we are on your healing journey to become more consciously aware of the truth as to who we are as a human being. We can be sure of one thing though, we will get pushed to move and our intuition can be our guide if we allow. There is no judgement on this, it is all in perfect timing.

The Cardinal Signs of – Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn have been challenging us all, especially over the last few years to make changes and create movement and new ideas,  this is now shifting as Two Big Outer Planets have moved into the Mutable Signs of – Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. These signs bring adaptability, adjustment, endings and change.

We are all still connected to the energy these signs bring, however it varies for each of us. As a society we are being challenged to break down old structures that no longer serve us, this can be painful to watch and to experience. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just let go and get on with it? It is a process and we need to enjoy our journey and have fun along the way.

Time to Lighten Up, Step up and Enjoy our evolving life,

Much Love

Annette Aughton



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  • Mary Carrter March 29, 2016 at 5:19 am

    Thank you Annette for your helpful succinct dialogue for this momentous period.

    Good to know and understand where I am at right now and it sounds as though it can be a wonderful fulfilling journey – if I remain aware. A BIG thank you. .With luv’n light, Mary


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