March / April 2015

March is an 11 universal month – 3 + 2 +0 +1 + 5 = 11

11 is about movement forward, taking a leap of faith that moves us toward a better life that is truly us.

How do you know when to do that ? hopefully your intuition / gut feeling will guide you so trust that feeling deep within.

March is the month to energetically let go, release what’s not working so that we can move forward with a fresh perspective into April. This is our opportunity to open up to changes that have been made for us or by us so that we can feel a sense of resolution or maybe completion on some level.

If you have been feeling the pressure over the last few weeks realise that as we move into March through to mid April this brings us into the final of 7 Uranus / Pluto square – peaking on 16th/17th March @ 15 degrees exact

The powerful line up of numbers 15,16,17 send us a message – magical insights that may be sudden, but bring us life changing opportunities through finding our own strength and courage to live a life that truly means more to us as we connect more and more to our heart and soul.

Many have been waiting for this moment to pass, so this is it – the final challenge from the slow moving outer planets of Uranus and Pluto – The life changing changes that have come from this huge planetary shake up both personally and globally over the last few years are now in their final few weeks.

Which is why March is bringing anything to a head that needs to be completed and resolved, then as the planets move apart slowly life will settle for this part of our life that has been impacted. Globally the changes made and still happening will take time to settle and play out.

We are drawing closer to Eclipse time –

March 20th is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces @ 29 degrees

29 degrees is the final degree of a sign and is called a critical degree – this brings a message of final completion from one age to another. From the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius finally moving on completely – no going back. Moving towards Freedom and Awakening to your true purpose – that aligns with your passion to live life to the fullest. We have never been so supported to achieve this now with the sign of Aries hot on the heels of this New Moon. The sign of Aries opens a portal of energy that begins our rebirth into this new era.

I feel the Universal Message is showing us that we have an opportunity to move with the  energetic changes, the planetary alignments have been infusing our bodies with vibrational light for months now on many levels – physically, mentally, spiritually and this New Moon is the indicator that life has indeed shifted. The power from an Eclipse can last from 6 weeks and up to a year or more depending on how each of us is impacted. Hope this makes sense to you and if it doesn’t know that it is happening anyway.

2 + 9 = 11  and March is an 11 Month – just to make sure we get the message – this is a powerful time to step out into a new beginning as we border on the cusp of the next sign of Aries – which means starting anew as an individual, to grow and step forward even if we are not quite sure where this journey will take us – the leap of faith. Beware of division and indecision the shadow side of the number 11

20 = 2 and 11 carries a higher vibration of the 2 – meaning that we need to take our relationship to ourselves and others seriously with commitment. There are other planetary connections that emphasise this also.

20 is also called the Awakening Number by the Ancients – a powerful awakening that brings a new sense of purpose and ambition. I have also seen this with people born on the 20th of a Month – The Awakening comes from their personal one on one relationship with their partner and changes are made – the choice of which path do I take.  Remember the 2 is supported by the 0 (divine universal protection) and works out according to the Universal Laws.

20 also brings the need to be patient with outcomes, take time to rest and find some balance as 20 is harmonious relating on all levels between 2 things/beings.

20 + 3 (March) + 2015 = 13 

13 is a movement number that creates change and upheaval so that new ideas can emerge. The power that comes from this number can be destructive if not used wisely, so it is important to adapt to change gracefully so that the strength and power from this number can be used to its full advantage. 13 can create genius ideas from those changes made.

March 21st brings us into the Sun Sign of Aries, an Aries Moon and the Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere – all about forward movement into new creative cycle, through seeking out and finding what is true for you as an individual. A lot of Fire energy around that brings get up and go energy.

April 4th / 5th Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra @ 14 degrees

This means we have the Sun in Aries and the Moon opposite in Libra both at 14 degrees

It is the 3rd of 4 Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipses called a Tetrad ( also a Blood Moon) – these began in April 2014 and will complete in September 2015

This Full Moon activates the end of the Pluto/ Uranus square @ (15 & 16 degrees ) and creates a Powerful Ending to this transformation that will play out over time – weeks and months to come. It is the completion because these planets will start to separate by degree and come close but not exact again for a very long time.

You can expect some final moments of shifting your thinking and sudden changes that you may not have expected which will transform how you move forward from this time onwards.

14 is a movement number which creates unanticipated changes and quick decisions. It has a desire to be free and needs to communicate , which is helpful when all these changes are happening.

4th and 5th April 2015 = 16 and 17 

I have put in both days as both these numbers will help understand what is happening.

16  is a spiritual transformation number and assists in helping us to tune in to our inner voice – an Awakening Number

17 is our Universal Year Number  2015 = 17 / 1 + 7 = 8   is the number of infinite resources and never ending life, this allows us to overcome any obstacles in our way so that we can achieve what we truly desire. No experience is ever wasted and is what creates our strength and resources to keep moving.

The final piece I want to say is look at the numbers created along the way from this Full Moon –                                   14 , 15, 16 , 17

A line up of numbers that is sure to create a profound moment in time for us. These next few weeks are powerful and expansive so take in the insights this brings and wait till mid April before activating forward movement. You could feel a push/pull momentum and this needs to settle before we move on again.

Love and Blessings

Annette Aughton









  • MARY March 16, 2015 at 12:37 am

    Awesome review so much happening, I sure can feel it big time you are writing so well annette. We leave hamilton 2 morrow with john and co for rrussell wedding wpuld you believe is the 21st. We will be nhome on the 26th cheers and heaps of love and blessings xx


  • sheryn March 20, 2015 at 12:35 am

    Hi Annette

    good to see new beginnings are on the horizon. Also good to understand those dates and what they bring. Thank you for the update on what’s ahead! shryn


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