July – August

Due to on going study I have needed to make changes and posting may be less, especially this year.

This post will cover the most important happenings over the next 2 months and keep you undated on the Numbers and Astrological aspects that are there to guide and support us.

The second half of the year requires us to put more effort into our spiritual practice as old patterns and outdated belief systems breakdown to make way for a new improved model in society. The intensity of light and energy speeding up puts pressure on us all to evolve spiritually. This is a time of rapid change and requires new levels of trust and understanding.

July is a 16 Universal month    7 + 2 + 0 +1 + 6 = 16

This means 16 plays and important role and especially today as I write it is the 16th day and month with a 16 in 2016 ( this is your day if you are born on the 16th or have this number in your birth numbers )

16 is the number of going within to allow for insights and guidance  to come through, just what I need for my writing to take form today

  • 16 is an awakening number as you meditate or go within you can awaken to possibilities that are sudden or like a flash of inspiration
  • 16 enjoys time alone to listen to that inner voice – to hear yourself think
  • 16 carries a 6th sense like an internal compass that guides you to listen to your intuition
  • 16 will always bring guidance in the form of intuitive flashes of insight – stop and be still
  • 16 = 7  being over analytical will impact intuitive insights
  • 16 wants you to wake up and will nudge you out of your comfort zone to get your attention

Full Moon on July 19th / 20th  @ 27 degrees in Capricorn ( New Zealand and Australia 20th July )

Full Moons are created from the Sun being in the opposite sign to the Moon

The Sun is in the sign of Cancer – which is home to the Moon – the mother energy that wants to nurture us through our choice of career and desire to succeed

The Moon @ 27 / 9  degrees and the Universal day is also 27 / 9  ( for NZ and Aust ) this brings a high degree of compassion and humanitarian love for other people who are going through pain and suffering at this time. This is heart centred  leadership with the power to bring guidance and restore courage and strength when needed.

Remembering we are also in 9 energy all year ( 2016 = 9 )

This is a deeply inspirational Full Moon that says have the courage to move forward even in times of challenge and grief

The 19 and 20 although both individual numbers, combine as  powerful leadership to guide us to work harmoniously together to realise we are not separate, needing to be one unit to work together to bring peace individually and collectively.

More and more as I write and study I realise the only way forward is to be unconditional in our love for each other, understanding others ( truly stretching ourselves at times )  to allow them the space to do their learning. Make it your best practice to lead by example, this is the work of the 9 Universal year and the 27/9  degrees of the Full Moon at a time when the world needs as much love and support as ever.

What makes this Full Moon powerful and impacting are the planetary aspects happening at the same time as the Full Moon

There are 3 main influences that connect to this Full Moon

  • The Sun and Moon Square the planet Uranus – this intensity calls us to Awaken, to discover and explore who we are in relationship to our self and with others, the desire to have freedom to make changes and breakthroughs
  • Mars in Scorpio makes a positive aspect to the Sun in Cancer – this is a beautiful harmonious connection that brings abundance, romance and joyful connection, especially over the next week. Both in water signs allows for emotions to fire up and get us moving
  • The Sun and Moon activates the on going Saturn Square Neptune – brings structure to your spiritual practice, realising that we need to have a connection to our spiritual self and to acknowledge who we are, spiritual beings living in a physical reality.

Saturn Square Neptune – ( more on this aspect )

I am going to do my best to explain this aspect both for myself and you reading this.

I have read so much that I now need to unravel my brain to write about these two planets that are so unsuited yet bring us a powerful message that we can not ignore.  We will then understand why so much is happening around us and to us.

Saturn and Neptune are called outer planets as they can take years to move through a sign, especially Neptune. which is why they can really change how we view life and explains how societies attitudes change and shift depending on how these aspects impact us.

It all began last November ( 2015 ) and fades out by the end of October ( 2016 )

Saturn is in the Mutable sign of Sagittarius until December 2017, which means movement and change around religion and spiritual beliefs and how they influence our lives.

Saturn is called the “Great Teacher”, wants structure, focus and limits us so that we will take it slowly and carefully to make a strong and solid foundation. In the sign of  Sagittarius our belief systems are exposed to uncover the truth behind what we think is the truth, are they out of date or false and where is the real truth about who we are, why are we here and what for ? what is real ? what needs to be changed to create a new structure that resonates more in line to what we want, what our soul desires to evolve, our spiritual true self

Neptune is in the Mutable sign of Pisces until 2025, which means a huge amount of shifting and change going on around our spiritual nature and all that is not seen – under the surface. Neptune dissolves what is not connected to our spiritual world. It is a planet that is imaginative and expects you to have faith even when you cannot see what is happening behind the scenes.

Neptune is at home in the sign of Pisces, they get each other as they both enjoy Mystical and Magical energy that is fluid and moves with the current of our spiritual, inner nature. Also can create illusion and out of touch with reality around beliefs about spirituality. You can feel off centre and spacey, like in a dream.

Put the two together – Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces Square to each other ( tension creates adaptability and change through shifting our belief system and societies ridged beliefs )

  • asks us to bring spirituality into our life and give it structure, make it a real everyday practice
  • find new solutions to the way we organise our life
  • helps you to release any struggles in life so that you find a way to connect to your soul or your higher qualities of unconditional love, tolerance, trust and faith. Acceptance and compassion for how life is, with a deeper understanding of relating to yourself and each other
  • this is a great time to ask for and find your personal spiritual connection that works for you
  • this time will also begin to show the breakdown of religions and false beliefs as Neptune dissolves what does not sit with our new truths
  • creating trust in our own inner self, our intuition and guidance. Building a strong foundation around what sits well for us
  • as we shift and create belief systems that are real and true for us, society will change as we are all connected to the same truth, to the oneness of Universal energy.
  • I don’t want to over write all this as you can see the message here, it is about realisation that the planets in signs create aspects for us to take the opportunity to become the spiritual beings we always were and are before our beliefs were infused with untruths and control by others. Now is the time to wake up to who we really are, it is not about materialism and what we own, it is about the balance between our spiritual nature and our physical, emotional and mental natures. We can truly  have it all as Abundance is unlimited and flows with unimpeded energy. It is always there however sometimes we put blocks in the way.

The planet Mars ( our drive to get moving and create action ) finally enters Sagittarius in early August after 7 months of being in and out of Scorpio and Sagittarius. This created a lot of repeating, disruptive energy and delving into what had already passed over and then revisited again. This now means the path forward will be clearer through August and September to create action and get things moving from the insights gained earlier.

Mid August Saturn moves out of retrograde, moving forward @ 9 degrees to really get the Sagittarius energy lining up for some action a week later with Mars.

Mars and Saturn both join up in Sagittarius at the same degree in the later part of August to create solid structured actions through finding what fits for you, like a turning point in the energy that is better and more realistic than before. It is in 9 & 10 degrees for both so looks like some releasing of out dated ideas or some-thing has got to give to move forward with new knowledge and awareness. What do you believe is possible ? Both planets are now direct and very clear on what is needed to make a difference, we had better be ready for a shake up. New improved goals that bring focus and priorities, leave behind frustrations and not believing what is possible.

These two planets stay together for August and September but not at the same degree of course, however it still means inspired action for everyone if we allow and believe it to be true.

The Planet Uranus ( the awakening planet ) in Aries until 2019, moves retrograde ( revisits old ground ) at the end of July until the end of December. This will bring another opportunity to allow us to expand our awareness / higher mind through bringing opportunities to create changes in how aligned we feel with our real self. Another outer planet that creates long lasting changes.

The sign of Aries is about the self / you, how you see yourself, do you feel free to be yourself ? is there a spark of life or do you feel depleted and dull. This expands our awareness about ourselves if we allow it.

New Moon @ 10 degrees in Leo on the 3rd August

I like this New Moon as it is in creative and happy Leo @ 10 degrees and is about what you create for yourself and can manifest very quickly with the right mind set.

The Sun and Moon in Leo @ 10 degrees in harmony and so that is what we need to be focusing on

Full Moon @ 25 degrees in Aquarius on 18th August

There are 3 planets in Virgo during this Full Moon which would suggest a Full Moon focused on more detail and organising than usual with a dash of visionary insights that could be creative and inspiring

25 degrees really wants some time out to review what is happening to gain new insights, likely because there is some energy shifting here

It is getting closer to the Eclipses in September which is another time for writing more on this.

The Planet Mercury in Virgo goes retrograde on around the 29th August until September 23rd

This is a time to take thoughts and decisions at a slower, considered pace. Double checking information and details. Rechecking and thinking things through carefully. As Mercury is the planet of thinking and communication, is at home with Virgo, it is important to be clear and detailed. Health issues may come up again for a recheck.


Plenty to think about for now

Enjoy the journey and make positive changes to your world

Love and blessings

Annette Aughton









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