July 2015

As we move into the second half of the year having had Winter Solstice (shortest day of light) and the Sun moving into Cancer on 22nd June, there is a shift in the energy and we sure need that expectation of what is to come. June is always a pivot month and also because of the number 14 / 5 energy it carried of movement and change.

This second half of the year will bring every thing together, so yes you can expect positive unexpected changes as long as you are open and recognise the opportunities.

We will always be challenged in an 8 Universal Year to attract to us opportunities to heal the past and any issues unresolved in our life, so that we can move towards feeling empowered and abundant on all levels. From early in the year you may have felt stresses in your life show up negatively in relationships, health or finances. These issues are part of the Universal plan to show us what needs resolving which then connects us more to our spiritual nature and feeling less separated. What you give out returns back to you one way or another – this acts as a guide like a mirror reflecting back. So it up to us all to make the changes as there is Universal support around us especially if we ask for help.


July shows us the next step on our journey as July (7) + 2015 = 15/6   A double activation of the number 15

Expect a more intense month that involves abundance, money, family responsibilities and balancing our life so that we can maintain our health and wellbeing, career and home life.

15 is a Spiritual Magician number that symbolizes light shining into the darkness, this uplifts others by bringing love and joy into your life

1 + 5 = 6  this is the number of Love that comes from within and is the source of all life, Love heals everything

6 expects us to take responsibility for our family, home and healing through love and nurturing

July is a huge month as there are 2 Full Moons and a New Moon all in the same month, making the last Full Moon on 31st a Blue Moon ( this happens when you get 2 Full Moons in the same month)

The 1st Full Moon –  July 1st / 2nd, Moon in Capricorn @ 9 degrees, Sun in Cancer @ 9 degrees ( Full Moons are always in the opposite sign to the Sun, so they are about relating deeply to others )

Ultimately this Full Moon is all about peaceful relationships and harmonious partnerships (2nd) that shows unconditional love and understanding for each other (9 degrees)

What makes this Full Moon more powerful is it’s connection to the planet Pluto, both in the sign if Capricorn

Moon conjunct Pluto ( next to each other ) brings a deeply, intense and  powerful energy to the surface that can create tension and trigger emotions. The most positive  response to this is to allow your emotions to release and let go, by doing this you allow the healing from this conjunction to bring the deep healing you need so that you can move on and start to feel empowered and able to move forward with positive action.

At the same time there is a Sun conjunct Mars ( both in the sign of Cancer ) happening which brings in new life and energy and that fire power to get you moving on from whatever you have released and let go of. Remembering the Moon’s home sign is Cancer so you get an emotional connection happening here also.

This can also trigger a healing health cleanse so that you are releasing toxins and old energy, to bring in the feeling of nurturing and renewal to yourself.

Also happening is a Jupiter conjunct Venus ( in the sign of Leo @ 21 and 22 degrees) and the effects of Uranus conjunct Jupiter is still hovering for a bit longer This aspect shows us the Love, Abundance, beauty and expansion through unexpected changes made. Working towards that mastermind plan you have made ! or about to get sorted !

We have a few more weeks of this beautiful Jupiter connection to enjoy. The sign of Leo likes to be bold and expressive. A tame way of saying HERE I AM take some notice please I want to be seen, FEEL THE LOVE and Passion !

One other very important thing to say  – this year is very much about the journey to feeling empowered and abundant on all levels. The energy is building towards the 2 Eclipses happening in September, especially the Total Aries Full Moon Eclipse on 28th. This will bring together everything you have been working towards. The Plan’s you have made through the year will be falling into place or you will create new plans.

I am offering Moon Readings building up to and including the Eclipses in September that are based on your personal chart and are unique for you. This will also include your personal month numbers so you can be clearer with your direction.

These Lunations send us powerful messages especially when they make a connection to your birth chart. I have been following them this year for myself and realised I need to share this powerful and helpful information that guides me each month.

Price – $ 45 includes gst  

Please email me for details – annette@annetteaughton.co.nz

Love and Blessings for an Amazing Month and yes there will be another update during the month

Annette Aughton






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