January 2017

Welcome to 2017, the beginning of a brand new cycle. A year that will give us insight into our own truth and be able to take action quickly with an ability to overcome any obstacles in the way of progress and success.

2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 / 1

What to expect in a 10 / 1 Universal Year

  • The numbers 1, 10, 8, 17 are our focus this year
  • 1 brings a feeling of beginning, new energy, new ways of approaching life, renewed ambition and self acceptance, this is who I am.
  • 10 is made up of 1 – male energy and 0 – female energy, this is a powerful number that brings instant manifestation, the ability to manifest easier and quickly.
  • The power comes from the combination of the 1 & 0,  0 is divinely protected, more potent, it can have it all or have nothing. This means taking responsibility for actions, feelings and thoughts, being held accountable for what goes out to others, how you lead and how you treat people.
  • 10 also represents Love and Light, it is the number that brings light into your life through acts or words of Love. Manifesting through wisdom that is inspired by our Divine Source or God energy.
  • 10 can create miracles
  • 17   1 + 7 = 8 the infinity number that gives eternal life and abundant resources.
  • 17 is the immortality number that brings opportunities to make your mark this year and be remembered for what you have created for your community, family or further afield.
  • 17 represents optimism, insights, intuition, inspiration, strength, rewards from hard work, abundance and expansion
  • 17 is also a deeply spiritual number as 17/8 relates to the 8 pointed star of Venus and so aligns to Love and Peace. Therefore brings an ability to feel a greater connection to our creator / universal source that brings inner peace and security within.
  • 8 is also the leader, that finds the strength to rise above challenges in the way of progress. Patience and perseverance pay of.
  • 8 symbolically represents cycles, the balance between light and the shadows within us. The ability to move from one to the other as the 8 has no beginning and no end. Knowing when the dark side or challenges arise, it must be followed by the light. The infinity symbol flows forever, slowly but surely the cycles keep flowing. It is knowing how to deal with the shadows that arise that builds inner strength and stamina.

If you have any of these numbers in your Day of Birth, Life Purpose or Destiny path you can expect extra focus and  emphasis on movement forward this year. However we will all benefit from the shift of energy to the 1 Universal Year cycle.

January is an 11 Universal Month, 2017 + 1 = 11

We are in the Sun Sign of ambitious and disciplined Capricorn until 20th January when the Sun will move into freedom loving Aquarius.

Even though Capricorns focus is on career aspiration and advancement usually during January, this year our mind has had a slower start than usual to get up and going. The reason being the planet that rules our mental processes Mercury has only just turned direct to start it’s forward motion again.

This slow forward motion to get up to sped won’t be completed until Mercury arrives back to the degree where it turned retrograde – around 28th January. Then there will be fewer excuses to not get moving, with Mercury in Capricorn staying on till February 7th.

So take the opportunity to review, understand and process the changes you want made career wise as this is a chance to allow for deep focus and to think things through before the year speeds up.

Also remembering the focus of the number 11 gives opportunity to grow harmonious relationships with those we live and work with. Learning to work with others is vital as we are not here to work alone.

Full Moon in Cancer @ 22 degrees,  12th/13th January

  • Balancing home life with duties and responsibilities will be the key, depending where this falls in your natal chart.
  • Cancer is a nurturing home loving sign and is at home with the Moon.
  • The Sun in Capricorn wants us to focus on career, ambition, achievement and soul growth.
  • 22 as the degree is the powerful master builder and manifester, able to plan and build on your dreams in a practical and peaceful way. So all you 22 day borns out there this is your time to build something wonderful for you to assist others through your form of healing and services.
  • However there are some powerful planetary aspects at play here so expect practical insights, be open and be present now.
  • A Cardinal square is activated in these signs ( Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn ) forming a point of light in your life that activates deep spiritual insights that will help you to move forward and find the truth that works for you to help you move in a practical way.
  • This happens through the planets and the numbers, so one way or another something is happening all month. Which is why taking life slowly will allow this all to sink in at the right time, simply and perfectly.
  • I would sum this up through the numbers – we have been having a lot of 11’s and 22’s activated for awhile now and it seems to be focused again this month an 11 month and 22 degree Full Moon this month and for the next 2 months. This means taking steps forward with a leap of faith, often moving out of your comfort zone towards your spiritual destiny.
  • Live in the moment – this takes practice and patience.

New Moon in Aquarius @8 degrees, 28th January

  • Freedom to see what is true for us, are we vibrating in a way that allows us to see our own truth? are you happy with how things are or do you need to do something about this ?
  • This is a powerful message here to show us we have the strength to step out with faith and take what you know seriously. ( Pluto conjunct Mercury in Capricorn @ 17 degrees) transforming our thinking that leaves a lasting impression on us all, our families and communities.
  • What comes to mind is our ability to overcome challenges, through educating ourselves and looking at life through a new window, one that sees a new vision for us as an individual and our communities.
  • This New Moon brings deeper insights to integrate us further into our Aquarian age of tuning into our vibrational energy as a collective and taking responsibility for our wellbeing on all levels.

Until next time

Love and Light 

Annette Aughton




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