December 2015

My Wrap up for 2015

We have clearly entered a new cycle, new energy, new ways of being

There have been a lot of changes going on in peoples lives, with a strong emphasis on Relationships

November was a 10 Universal Month meaning new beginnings and the opportunity for a fresh start to create what we want in the way we want

The Full Moon on 26th November made us especially aware of how we relate and communicate to each other

The Full Moon in Gemini @ 3 degrees  – which meant the Sun was in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini @3 degrees

  • Gemini and 3 degrees are about communication
  • Full Moons are about relationships because they naturally form an opposition (Sagittarius / Gemini)
  • the Sun also made a connection to the planets Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius – giving an opportunity for serious and focused communication that speaks the truth or uncovers the truth in a timely way
  • the Moon in Gemini created an opposition to the Sun, Saturn, Mercury in Sagittarius – this created with the Sun a T Square to the planet Neptune – this was huge as are all of these aspects happening at the moment – the positive understanding of this would be being able to relate / communicate with  more spiritual  awareness, uncovering what has been hidden or an illusion for so long. Of course don’t forget the Moon is an emotional, nurturing planet. All this has an ongoing effect for a few weeks.

Saturn square Neptune @ 7 degrees – this has been building for a few months and is exact (both are @ 7 degrees till 5th December) this Square will continue off and on through out 2016. This will be our new focus for 2016.

  • Saturn square Neptune – this first exact connection is more powerful as it is a wake up shake up for many and it won’t go away in a hurry
  • Saturn says it is time to sort out and uncover what has been hidden, take responsibility and face up to the reality.
  • Neptune brings a spiritual, timelessness and awareness of what is and has been an illusion up to now. Huge Deep and Intense reawakening for a lot of people in relationships and in the world as a community regarding spirituality
  • these two big Planets challenge each other to come to some sort of agreement, they contradict. The resolution for now is in the degree – 7 – connect into your intuitive insights and find what feels like the truth for you, it must come from within.
  • There are big shifts in eliminating boundaries and structures that have not been helpful or useful so that we have no choice but to trust that we are all supported and loved by the divine source.
  • We are required to take our spiritual life more seriously – being honest with ourselves. Our truth is in the security we feel from our spiritual connection to the divine source
  • The truth is no longer in hiding, self responsibility and honouring who you are is the focus
  • The square @ 7 degrees – allows us to gain clear insights that are enlightening and shifts us as a society and individuals towards a deeper connection that we are all connected to each other – our thoughts all interconnect, not being separate
  • this will challenge many and we will need to show compassion and understanding as there maybe many layers to uncover along the way
  • the good news is plenty of planetary support happening that brings healing, love and allows for fears to dissolve
  • and yes I am keeping to the positive aspects of this connection

December is an 11 Universal Month – 2015 + 12 = 11

  • November was the 11th Month (and a 10 Universal Month ) and now we have another 11 as a Universal Month for December, this continues to bring us opportunities to step through a portal of energy and light that activates / shifts our finely tuned nervous system to another level. Bringing amazing insights that are waiting to be uncovered.
  • The New Moon for December is also on 11th, creating a powerful 11 11 day
  • New Moon in Sagittarius @ 19 degrees    ( the 3rd of 5 New Moons @ 19 degrees )
  • 19 is called the Prince of Heaven by the ancients, the number of the Sun, creating inner light for us so we can feel joyful and light filled
  • 19 is also the beginning and the end of the numbers 1 – 9. This has potential to motivate us to act – make a fresh start and release what is not working so that healing can take place,  old patterns in relationships can be transformed from letting go of outdated conditioning. Once you can recognise the old conditioning programmes that run your life then it becomes easier to move on. You let go of the baggage that’s heavy to cart around.
  • 19 says – Lead by Example – it is a leadership number. Practice this until you do this naturally – it really works and keeps you present and real.

The Number 11 – I am writing this for all you 11 people and for when a number 11 shows up somewhere

  • 11 is the number of energy that brings an electrical activation to your nervous system – it is light filled and assists us to shift through a portal or gateway into a new reality and future that awaits as long as we take the leap of faith that intuitively we are feeling inside of us
  • 11 looks like two pillars standing side by side – they protect us as we take the step forward to progress forward into the unknown / the vision we carry within
  • 11 says slow down to listen to what your intuition is revealing so that you feel what the next step is – this new gateway that is there to be activated
  • 11 is timelessness – it connects you to the present – it just is as it is – it will happen in its own time
  • 11 is a Master Number  1 + 1 = 2  this allows us to confront any issues that separate us from feeling complete within and relating to another.
  • 1 + 1 = 2 so therefore it is about relating with another – communication – connection – balance and peaceful harmonious relationships
  • 11 – by stepping beyond your limiting beliefs, you step into a future that is open to awakening you to a new dimension / portal of energy and light
  •  there will be plenty of opportunities for an 11 to pass into your life especially this month
  • 11 is peace and happiness that transforms lifetimes of challenges so that we can see beyond to a new way of being
  • the challenging side of 11 is division, indecision and incompletion, so let go of past baggage and learn how to transform that old conditioning by not accepting it as the truth


The Full Moon in Cancer @ 3 degrees – 26th December  ( the 3rd of 6 Full Moons @ 3 degrees)

  • This is a Full Moon that could create and communicate (3) positive changes within family and friends, because the Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer and brings nurturing into our relationships ( Sun / Moon opposition ) and family.
  • I see this as a time over the holiday period to look back over the year ( an 8 Universal Year ) of having to deal with the challenges of family and relationships and see how far we have come in the changes that have been made. It is very likely a healing time for many.
  • Cancer and Capricorn are called Cardinal Signs – they activate movement forward along with Libra and Aries. These signs have been dominant in the Uranus square Pluto aspects over the last few years.
  • Interestingly the Planet Uranus moves direct @ 16 degrees on 26th also – creating all direct planets for 10 days straight.  This doesn’t happen very often and we will notice some fast action suddenly happening out of nowhere (16)  Awakening our ability to be free of restriction and limitation. An amazing opportunity happening on a Full Moon.
  • The 25th is a 9 Universal day and 26th a 10 /1 Universal day allowing for Unconditional Love at be activated for many and a feeling of new beginnings and forward movement.
  • Letting go of the past to move forward through the 11 gateway into truth, trust and a transformed awareness that is present now

Be kind to each other and remember Love and Compassion brings acceptance and understanding of others.  We can look back and know that 2015 was the year where we truly got to understand what the Number 8 means. The number of strength, empowerment, eternal and infinite life and above all taking a challenge and turning it into a positive.

We are well on the journey to self discovery and finding our own truth. This really has always been a passion of mine and I want to offer more in this area in 2016

Let us get ready to embrace 2016 – a 9 Universal Year along with the number 16/ 7 that will bring even move intuitive and spiritual insights into our life

9 is Unconditional Love for Humanity that knows and understands what we each need to live a life of Peace and Joyful connection ……

16/7 is Sudden and unexpected insights that can awaken and transform us Spiritually – very quickly


Enjoy the rest of the year and have a loving and peaceful Christmas and New Year

Love and Blessings

Annette Aughton



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  • Mary Andersen December 6, 2015 at 9:05 am

    Wow!! That is truly an enlightening newsletter, it is really more than that as it gives us the “tools” and encouragement to truly march forward into more “LIGHT”. What an amazing inspirational teacher, friend, you are Annette. Your information has given me a real lift and have no doubt that many dear ones will be feeling the same as we “unload” from all that does not profit us Love and blessings to you Annette


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