A Month for Love and Reflection

Welcome in the energy to receive Beauty, Love and Abundance this month especially during the New Moon. Take time to go within and listen to the messages your heart is feeling.

The New Moon today in Taurus allows us time to connect and know the universe always provides plenty for everyone.

The 16/7 degrees of the New Moon on the 7th day and 16/7 Universal day is giving us the opportunity to Reflect and Review what gives us emotional support and abundance in our life. Deeper insights can come forward when we allow space to connect and listen.


May is a 14 / 5 Universal month

14/5 is the number of change, freedom to make choices, flexibility, adventure, fun and the chance to take a realistic risk.

14 also enjoys communicating especially through media that is written or spoken.

The Sun Sign in Taurus until May 20th brings our focus back to our feelings about love and security,  Taurus is a practical earth sign that is at home with the planet Venus.

Full of sensuality and the love of the good things in life, plenty of food, abundance and beauty.

At the moment there are 5 planets in Retrograde motion which means they have slowed down to move back over where they have already been. This gives us an opportunity to review and uncover what has been hidden from our consciousness, you may find you are seeing things in a different way or feeling more clarity so you can make the changes needed.

There are many opportunities for breakthroughs to create an awareness not felt before. Retrogrades help us to grow from the inside out as this is a gift from the universe to help us realise there is a connection to a higher source for us to work with. Learn to trust the messages coming through you as intuitive insights and receive them now in the present moment.


Mercury the Planet of communication and mental awareness has been in retrograde motion since 29th April and will stay that way until 22rd May, not really picking up speed until the end of the month.

Mercury  is in the sign of Taurus @ 23 degrees when the retrograde takes effect. This degree gives us the opportunity to find our strength through any difficulties and have the courage to see and understand what needs to change.

Mercury is the mind planet that is – rational, analytical, has detached thinking, likes objective and logical information.

Taurus in the sign of Mercury wants us to reflect and re-evaluate how we sense things in a practical way and how we think and feel about our values, self worth and security. Taurus is not a thinking / mind sign so this may feel a confusing combination. This will vary for each of us as it depends on the placement in each of our birth charts. It is more how we feel within and will give us a chance to review and allow for deeper inner growth.

Not a time to make sudden new plans or long term decisions, agreements or commitments at least until the end of May.

Mostly we need to be aware over the next few weeks about our communications through all media – phones, computer  and verbal. Allowing for miscommunications and messages disappearing and not receiving at all. Double checking all communications will help during this time.

The New Moon in Taurus @ 16 degrees on 7th May ( Southern Hemisphere )

This is a lovely New Moon with so many Taurus / Venus  connections, the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are all in Taurus on this New Moon creating a beautiful connection to the other earth signs in Pluto and Jupiter.

This is called a multiple Grand Trine that attracts abundance and beautiful moments over the next 2 weeks.

As 16 / 7 is the degree and day number you can expect sudden flashes of inspiration and insights into your love life  and the ability to draw love and abundance to you during this time.

16 /7 requires the stillness of the mind, through time in nature to know when to intuit these moments of pleasure and abundance. Especially over the next 2 weeks.

Both the 14/5 and the 16/7 are mind numbers and give the ability to make quick and unexpected decisions for new ideas and a new perspective on how you think.


As the Planet Jupiter begins to move forward on May 9th @ 13 degrees, Mercury creates an Eclipse with the Sun @19 degrees –  a rare moment.

These planets are all in Earth signs creating a signal that brings messages of light and optimism in a grounded and practical  way that we can use to uncover deeper information and breakthroughs to move forward into the future with.

As Mercury is still in retrograde in Taurus, these insights are felt deeply, giving yourself time to be still must bring insights that assist growth and healing within.

13 /4 is a transformative number that allows for a shift in thinking and helps to manifest your reality through practical steps.

19/1 is a powerful number symbolized by the Sun,  it wants to light up your life and show  we can be empowered to move given that ideas and breakthroughs are happening in a positive and powerful way.


The Full Moon arrives on May 22nd and Mercury goes direct the same day leaving 3 planets in Retrograde – Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius @ 1 degree and Mars retrograding in Sagittarius @ 1 degree create a powerful aspect

This has the potential to be very expressive and explosive, very much a time to be mindful with how you express your deep feelings.


Lots of Love for the month

Annette Aughton



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