2016 – Achieve Great Results From a 9 Universal Year

By now you will have noticed the many shifts and changes that have happened already this year.

The energy of 2016 is shifting us to move positively along so that we can Achieve Great Results from a 9 Universal Year.

Understanding the Numbers and what they mean brings insights that help us to Plan and be Inspired to live the life you want.

I will focus on the main numbers for 2016 which creates an understanding and awareness to guide us through this year.

Also the first Eclipse for the year this week on March 9th, read about how this will bring changes to how we see our life unfolding, from this month on.

2016 / 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9  Universal Year

  • 9 is an emotional / feeling and creative number
  • 9 is the final number in the cycle of 1 – 9, so therefore carries the wisdom from all the numbers
  • 9 is called the King of numbers – 1 through 8 adds up to 36 / 9 , so it is complete and can stand on its own
  • 9 is divinely protected as it has all it needs to succeed and carries wisdom from personal experience – which is why it has a big head at the top of the 9
  • 9 is about releasing / letting go of  the past to move forward with lighter, unburdened energy
  • 9 is about loving unconditionally, we are all connected and can share that feeling of oneness
  • 9 can be a perfectionist, wants to do it all just right
  • 9 wants us to complete and finish what has been started from other years – this is the year to complete so that we can begin again with a fresh start as 2017 = 10 / 1 new beginnings
  • 9 wants us to achieve results and create success, from building a solid foundation that lasts

2016 also carries the 16 / 7 number

  • 16 / 7 is a mind / thinking number
  • 16 is an awakening number, it gives us the opportunity to use our intuition and knowing so we wake up to the truth that we are already connected to universal energy
  • 16 helps us to delve deeper into knowing more about ourselves, which creates clarity and insights. Watch out for the classic over thinking issue !
  • 16 can create sudden change and shake ups to get you back on track
  • 16 = 7  called the lightening strike number, as it points upwards towards the universe – brings sudden insights
  • is a bridge number between the physical world and the spiritual world, it connects heaven and earth, so we can use our intuition and insights here on the physical earth plane
  • 7 says wake up and 9 says let go of what is no longer useful and meaningful now, heal what is in the way so we can move forward to 2017 = 10 / 1 universal year of new beginnings

March is a 12 / 3 Universal Month

  • 12 / 3 is another feeling / emotional number
  • 12  wants us to learn through experiences so that we free ourselves from feeling like the victim. Face up to what is not working and make changes within
  • 12 educates itself on every level, from the physical to the spiritual so that it can be of service to others
  • 12 / 3 is a creative and expressive number, it wants to feel joyful and not get caught up in every day dramas. Make the choice to move forward with experiences that bring you joy and expansion
  • 12/3 builds knowledge that must be shared with others

March is also the month of 2 Eclipses which will help to bring about change in a positive healing way. We will feel lighter and clearer as long as we tune into what feels and sits well within us and we release / let go of what we can change. Trust the rest will unfold in its own time.

So much is happening on a planetary level that will expand our awareness to a higher vibration that we have not experienced before, opportunities are there for us to make choices to live a lighter and inspired successful life, that we choose to create.

The question is – who am I ?  what am I here for ? what do I want ? Look within for your answers and yes this is an on going process. See the humour in this and don’t get too bogged down in your thoughts as no fun in that. Maybe meditate on this. This month will bring more clarity especially after the Eclipses.

The first Eclipse is – 9th March  a Total Solar Eclipse – New Moon – in Pisces @ 18 degrees

This Eclipse is really about what is written above in the numbers.

A New Moon brings a New cycle and New beginnings- however this New Moon also brings completion, release of old patterns and healing because of the planetary connections and numbers.

Pisces is the last sign and house in Astrology, called the 12th house. Pisces is a sign that is watery, fluid, deeply spiritual, intuitive, dreamy and imaginative. Pisces ruling planet is Neptune, which happens to be in Pisces now and until 2026, this will assist us to connect to our inner world that is buried deep to achieve a more powerful soul connection.

We are now moving into a new reality of more planets in Mutable/ Flexible signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius) during this Eclipse there are 6 planets in Pisces which may express itself in your dreams and emotions. You may feel more deeply and intuitively know more that will connect you directly to energy that is spiritually healing.

The big bonus is the planet Jupiter in Virgo until September, is also @ 18 degrees helping out the Pisces New Moon to bring a positive outcome to all the healing and release of emotions going on.

The Eclipse falls in the Southern Hemisphere on a 9 day @ 18 / 9 degrees in a 9 Universal Year and a 12/3 Month of Self Expression and Feeling from deep within. This creates an opportunity for us to deal with and complete anything that that is not working for us now, so that we can move forward with new insights into who we truly are.

It is more a time of self reflection and meditation, rather than moving forward, for about 2 weeks you may feel more sensitive than usual. Lots of deep breathing helps to move through what ever is happening.

That really sums it up and is enough to take in for now, so I will be back for more Eclipse news during the month.

Remember to be kind to yourself and take care of others who may be going through more than you are at this time, it is a huge month for most people.

Great things happen when you love, trust and believe in yourself.

Love and Blessings

Annette Aughton



  • Mary Andersen March 7, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Phew!! Have just read your newsletter, it is an absolutely action packed document Annette, brilliant, well done. I for one have been feeling “the Punch” as it were,however we need to remind ourselves that we are indeed evolving in every moment at a much faster pace, hence the need as you so eloquently presented, to retreat within, breathe deeply and keep loving the self “to bits”. In closing Annette, I would congratulate you on the way you present simplicity to a very complex subject, you have written it in such an easy to understand format. Keep inspiring us,my dear, we all need each other as we journey on. Love and blessings to all of us xx


  • Mary Carrter March 8, 2016 at 4:40 am

    Thank you so much for this insightful easy to understand (for me – which is a modern miracle!!) description Annette. It really helps to add to my sketchy knowledge of the subject because intuitively I just know this is our guided path. Following our recent talk this adds the “icing to the cake”.for me which I truly appreciate along with my new name. I am now feeling gradual positive changes from within which are a wonderful awakening at this time of my life – 7th decade. Blessings and warm thanks, Mary


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